Employer-Provided Coverage, is it enough?

Here are some reasons you may want to look at supplementing it with a policy that YOU own. As part of your employee benefits package, your employer may provide some group term life insurance. Although its nice to have,  it’s important to consider whether it’s sufficient to meet your financial needs. Problem 1: Your Employer […]

Is it worth getting Critical Illness Insurance?

As with any insurance, the answer will change from person to person. Before we explore the need(s) of the client, we should get a better understanding of what this coverage does. As the average life expectancy in Canada and the United States continues to increase, insurance brokers are finding ways to make sure people can […]

Why Life Insurance Is Important

Why Life Insurance? There are many reasons people look at getting life insurance.  From the very young to the old, there are different products to fit different needs.  Here are a few of the most common reasons we see people applying for life insurance: You’re going to have kids or already have kids One of […]